What is Interomega Tours & Cruises ?

Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. is a tour operator specializing in tours to Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Israel & Egypt). Interomega is a subsidiary of Omega Tours ,an International Tour operator based in Izmir, Turkey.

What is so interesting about Turkey ?

Culture and history are synonymous with Turkey. Since the first settlement at Troy, 5000 years ago, the Greeks, Persians, Lycians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Turks have built their empires and refined their traditions there. Culturally, Turkey is a mixture of east and west. The rise and fall of civilizations and empires in the region has brought about a mix of the best traditions from Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim and more recently European high civilizations.

What is Biblically important in Turkey ?

Turkey, Anatolia specifically, was the site for many New Testament events. According to one tradition, Ephesus housed the Virgin Mary for the last few years of her life. St. Paul, who was born in Tarsus, established the first Christian church in Antioch and focused his evangelical mission throughout Turkey. In Cappadocia, which is famous for its rock formations, early Christians built churches and underground cities in the soft bedrock to escape notice and persecution. Also, after 392 AD when the Byzantine Empire converted to Christianity, many beautiful churches, basilicas and frescos were built in devotion to God.

How can I benefit from selling Turkey ?

As you know, incentive tours are gaining popularity. Tours and flights to Mexico or Europe are now very well known, and have likewise been well traveled. Are your clients ready for a new and exciting destination? In the United States, Turkey is relatively unknown. Actually it is probably the best kept secret in Europe as every summer, thousands of French, Italians and Germans flock to Turkey. Nonetheless, Turkey is becoming very accessible to the American market. Direct flights from New York, Chicago, and Miami make travel hassle-free.

Here is a chance to offer your clients a new and exciting destination--Turkey!

Yes, but is Turkey safe?

Turkey is very safe. On the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Turkish people, look, dress and behave just like their European neighbors. In certain regions, like Konya (a religious center for Turkey), the people are very traditional. But all Turks share an interest and respect for foreigners, and cannot help but be hospitable to strangers. Crime, per capita, in Turkey is among the lowest in the world. And there is no shortage of police officers to maintain the peace.

What if there is a medical emergency ?

Throughout Turkey, there are American hospitals with highly trained, English speaking doctors and physicians who are able to handle any eventuality. Additionally, 24-hour assistance with operators and doctors on call all over the world is available with the optional travel insurance that Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. offers.

What kind of insurance to you offers ?

We offer many different types of insurance packages that will accommodate all clients of different risk, age, and status levels. Individuals or Groups have the option to purchase insurance through two of the biggest providers: Travel Safe & Travel Med.

What are the hotels like?

The hotels in Turkey are built to European standards. We have completed extensive research to ensure that each hotel we use passes our own high standards. Every room comes equipped with air conditioning, full private bathroom, TV, and radio/music.

What about transportation ?

For all of our group and guaranteed departure tours, all transfers and transportation are made by deluxe air conditioned motor coach with our own professional drivers. Turkish law prohibits smoking prohibited on board the coaches. For private tours, either air-conditioned minibus or private car makes all transfers and transportation.

Do you do airfare ? All your prices are for land only.

Yes, we can provide airfare with our tours. We normally quote land prices because we want to give agents the flexibility to choose the airline. We also want to give travelers the flexibility to continue with their frequent flyer programs. However, we do have special rates for Turkish Airlines & Olympic Airlines (Greece). We would be happy to provide competitive quotations upon your request.

How do I make reservations ?

As is standard, you can always send us fax, e-mail or telephone us with your requests. However, we do also allow you the option to complete our “Quotation Request Form” directly using our Microsoft Word template and either emailing or faxing the form to us.

What kind of commission rate do you offer ?

All of our brochure package prices are commissionable to you at 12.5%.

What is your cancellation policy ?

We realize that unavoidable conflicts may arise. If your clients need to cancel, the cancellation and refund request must be received in writing by Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. To cover organizing expenses the following cancellation fees apply:

45 or more days prior to departure: $50 per person

15 to 44 days prior: 20% of total cost

5 to 14 days prior: 50% of total cost

4 or less days prior: 100% of total cost

Once the tour commences, NO REFUNDS will be made for unused features or voluntary modifications made by the tour participants.

How can I get to know more about Turkey and Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. ?

At the beginning of every November and March , Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. is organizing a 10 day fam trip to Turkey. Which gives you a chance to know Turkey firsthand. The land price is very attractive for agents and companions. The best part is if you can realize a group of 20 pax or more for a trip of at least 7 days, within the next 2 years, we will refund you the land cost of your fam trip!

Finally . . .

From the greatest mosques in the Muslim world to the earliest Churches in Christianity, you will find it in Turkey. From the complex geometric shapes of Selcuk Turkish architecture to the finely carved marble columns of ancient Greece, you will find it in Turkey. From the earliest known Neolithic City at Catalhoyuk (6500 B.C.) to the nine successive settlements at Troy, you will find it in Turkey. Interomega Tours & Cruises Inc. can help you give your clients the greatest adventure of their lives.

So see you soon in Turkey

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